Why Shungite?

This tab is not meant to overfill your brain with everything there is to be said about this incredible and unique stone. Rather, I will, in conversational form let you know why, as a designer- I have dedicated an entire section to the benefits of this crystal and where I am headed with it. 

Shungite can only be found in one part of the world. I have found an incredible source to work with, and built a relationship for some time now. Everything and anything I get and sell is from the North East Edges of Lake Onega.  

Let me first get into the top things it is good for in this day in age, then I will discuss how and why it works. I will also share with you how it helps me personally.  Along with some history on the stone. 

A stone LITERALLY like NO OTHER! It can boost your energy, relieve stress by major detoxification, heal, best of all- protect you from EMFs; and in return known to purify.  What you just read are just a few properties that Shungite carries. There is more, a lot more. 

 Let us get into the basic how(s) it accomplishes this.  It is the only mineral in the entire world that is known to contain fullereness. (Fullereness is allotrope (a carbon that can have 2 or more physical shapes/forms in its original state. Something supper strange and unique).  

How old would you guess this stone is? Lets just say its way older than your great great great grandparents. It is dated back to when life on earth began or maybe even before.  Used for centuries for its “Great Powers,” Russian scientists have been studying this mineral for decades. It is just as of recent time gaining interest in the western world.  I did not hear about it till I was in my mid 20s. I am a type one Diabetic, so anytime I meet someone and they suggest something- I am listening crystal or not. Russians have used it as medicine; they have used it for water filtration, agriculture, anti aging and so on. 

We all know about the affects and electromagnetic frequency emissions- we all know that whether you believe in the 5G affect or not- our computers, our cellphones, our, basically, every single thing we have created has detrimental effects on us.  I, personally wear a glucose monitoring device and it is connected with bluetooth to my cellphone and transmitter where it tells me what my blood sugar levels are at all times. I haven’t looked into the amount or how bad this aspect of it might be for me.  Just as having a phone is helpful, so is my sensor. It can save my life, specially with my focus on a toddler.  

So what can I do to help myself and family with the EMF affect? I have my son wear a Shungite pendant and I keep Black Tourmaline in his room (also helps with EMF) I wear it myself, I keep tiles in my home and next to my internet box and the television box.  I keep it in my car. AND now that I have a puppy- I have created something that is not out in the market- a Shungite dog tag for dogs! This will be available next month. So excited and proud of this. A mineral that helps our neurotransmitters, our immune system, works as an antioxidant and therefore detoxifies. The list is seriously endless. If you are one to have headaches, try having a Shungite on you and see if that headache is still there tomorrow. I’ve tested it on myself and posted on social media. I have had friends try it without telling them what they are keeping next to them.   

Drinking Shungite infused water?! This is not new. This is not the new “cool thing” to do. This is something that has been used and done for over 300 years in Russia. At the time they had no idea about the fullerenes, they just knew that Shungite water was medicinal in many ways.  

What do you hear and read about Shungite? 

 It has antioxidants much like Vitamin C and A do. It fights against free radicals in the body. It helps detoxify your own system to a point of having the ability to possibly slow down the growth of cancer cells.  I have read in many places that it helps keep your youthfulness and protects us from aging as fast.  I use Shungite shampoo now, and soap. I have bought the hand cream just do not use as consistently.  

As far as properties like our beloved crystals: It is an extremely grounding stone that has properties for cellular repair, energizing energy, focus, easing anxiety ( I am proof of this one!), reducing inflammation, overall great for immune system and respiratory (i take other vitamins for respiratory, so I cant vouch), EMF protection is unreal and how it will cut out headaches, and most of all- keeps your spiritual growth to continuously grow. How? Just try it.  

 IS there any other stone that is more “healthy” or “healing” than this one? There is more. A lot more.  We are only uncovering the basics of this 98-99% carbon.