Egyptian Scarab Round Charm + Ruby

Color: Yellow Gold

14k solid yellow or rose gold, round Ancient Egypt + Scarab charm. Surrounded by 34 rubies, this charm can be attached to any charm necklace, bracelet, or personal item.

For your consideration:

All of our gemstones are hand chosen and may vary slightly in color, cut, texture, shade, and tone. Each piece is made to order with love and intent, please allow up to two weeks for fulfillment before shipping.

  • 14K Solid Reclaimed Gold
  • Customized Design of Scarab
  • 34 Precious Gemstones
  • Hand-Chosen Gemstones
  • Round Coin Charm
  • Lobster Clip Attachment Setting

Ruby is the third hardest gemstone and is one of the four precious stones along with diamond, sapphire and emerald. Ruby is believed to promote love, health, knowledge and wealth. It has been associated with improved energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor and compassion.

Ruby is said to encourage passion and zest for life, increase spiritual wisdom, and shield against psychic attacks. Ruby harmonizes very well with blue sapphire due to the self-control and determination properties that combine with the ruby’s strength and courage. Using rose quartz in conjunction with ruby will offer a fiery passion that can help heal and mend broken or old relationships.

Ruby is the modern and traditional birthstone for the month of July and is used to celebrate the 15th, 40th, and 80th anniversary of weddings.

The symbol of the scarab is recognized for its powers and protective properties. There are many stories and extensions to scarabs and their special qualities throughout ancient history. To date, thousands upon thousands of relics bearing the symbol have been found in Egypt alone. Most often, they have been engraved with a beneficial inscription, which enhances their auspicious power. This symbol has been adopted by many different cultures and religions including Buddhism, Taoism, Old Europe, India, Iran, and the Roman Empire to name a few. The Ancient Egyptians believed the scarab was a magical creature imbued with particular protective powers that warded off evil and provided good fortune for the owner. The winged scarab was even more particular in providing protective powers for one’s safe journey.
Each Congés Life jewelry piece is handcrafted with love at the time of purchase. The process takes around two weeks to complete from our Los Angeles center. Your items are then hand packaged with care and sent out for delivery. We chose this process to ensure the highest quality and personalized intentions for you and your piece. 

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