CUSTOM: Double Play Mountain Rings + Aquamarine


Solid 14k yellow gold Dream Catcher rings. Set of two rings. Each ring features a triangle-cut aquamarine stone framed with conflict-free white diamonds and mounted on on a 14k yellow gold band embedded with white diamonds.

For your consideration:

Custom ring sizes can be made at no extra charge. Use our contact page for special requests. Each piece is made to order with love and intent, please allow up to two weeks for fulfillment before shipping.

  • 14 Karat Solid Reclaimed Gold
  • 136 Genuine Conflict-Free White Diamonds
  • Two Triangle Cut Aquamarine Stones
  • Custom Sizes Available

    Aquamarine has many mythical stories to its findings and meaning. Known as a traveling stone, its spiritual vision and calming effects are said to inspire hope in your heart. When setting on a journey overseas, this stone is said to keep you safe.

    Soothing physical and emotional inflammation, aquamarine is said to alleviate stress while enhancing clear communication with self and open channels towards truth.

    Aquamarine is the modern birthstone for the month of March and is used to celebrate the 19th anniversary of weddings.

    All cultures throughout history had ancient symbols and forms of communication, but the Congés designer feels that Native Americans and other indigenous cultures were and are exceptionally in tune with nature and the voice of Mother Earth. The many tribes have a mysterious and mystical energy that is engulfing and fascinating to learn about. There are so many symbols within the different cultures.

    Dream Catchers have been a part of Native American and First Nation cultures for generations. Dream Catchers have a deep significance, originally meant to teach natural wisdom. They were woven by grandparents and hung above a newborn's bed for peaceful and happy dreams. Every aspect of the design, down to their movement, has meaning. It is believed that bad dreams cannot find their way through the web, getting caught and trapped until they evaporate with the morning dew, whereas the good dreams easily pass through.

    The Web of Gold Dream Catcher is meant to bring about wisdom by filtering good ideas and dispersing the bad. The Dream Catcher and Native American Jewelry Collection captures Penna’s connection with nature and the belief that everything comes full circle.

    Each Congés Life jewelry piece is handcrafted with love at the time of purchase. The process takes around two weeks to complete from our Los Angeles center. Your items are then hand packaged with care and sent out for delivery. We chose this process to ensure the highest quality and personalized intentions for you and your piece. 

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