Wellness Gemstone Water Glass Bottle


rose quartz – amethyst – clear quartz

VitaJuwel ViA Gemwater Glass Bottle has two openings. It’s made of high quality, premium glass and comes with an exchangeable bottom piece (“gempod”), filled with a selection of hand-picked garnet & clear quartz gemstones. The patented gempod is manufactured by hand in the Austrian Alps. VitaJuwel ViA sets a new benchmark in drinking water on-the-go.

This well-balanced composition has already been used for several hundreds of years to inspirit water by countless people all around the world. Gemwater prepared with this blend is probably the best ”everyday’s water”. Experts claim that amethyst stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions and that rose quartz fosters tranquility. Most customers find gemwater made with this harmonic blend to taste smooth and mild. If you’re unsure, with which VitaJuwel to start your collection, choose this one. You won’t go wrong!

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