Pendulum: Marqué Collection Yellow Gold


Balance of Mind, Body, Soul

  • This is a unisex piece meant to be worn by any sex.
  • Complete Functional Pendulum
  • Sterling Silver dipped in 18k weighs: 11.8g
  • Lobster Clasp closure
  • Length of pendulum is approximately 2 1/2inches

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In a time where balance is much needed and the comment of “mind over matter” has evolved; I choose to raise my son understanding that there are many important factors relevant in our lives. Me loving him is not enough. His education is not what sets him up for life. Driving to school we listen and sing along to a song called Crazy Beautiful Life by Scott Chesak & Thomas Hien. This song was a part of the inspiration behind this design.

For centuries the Pendulum has been used as a tool for spiritual healing and inner growth, recognized to help discover “divine guidance”.

I find a pendulum represents ease. Although it has been used for centuries- it is very much used in the present. This design is meant to combine the energy of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. The top of the pendulum has the geometric symbol of the universe. We are all made of energy, so let’s get the mind, body, and soul to work together.

Representing nutrition we have a blueberry, kale leaf and walnut
Fueling our body with natures’ bountiful antioxidants allows for optimal performance and will always play a major factor in wellness regardless of a special condition or dietary circumstance.
Trust and love are the foundation of every good relationship, with oneself as well as others.

A small pyramid with gold bars represents growth.
When you wake up and love what you do, you can only succeed.

The scale represents the equal balance of the left and right brain.
Balance is key for most things, for the mind its critical. As a society we have become experts on physical health, and now we’re educated to know mental health is at the forefront of groundbreaking change. Having mental balance and clarity is necessary to stay creative and joyous.

The elephant, scarab, and fox symbolize the physical essence of wellness.

Physically in our own skin comes the challenges of looking good, feeling good and wanting to be good. The following incredible creatures represent strength, fitness and meditation. Fitness: represented by an elephant: a creature praised for size, stamina, longevity, and loyalty. Born to be the authority to oneself. Strength: The scarab, yes the scarab. Regardless of size. This incredible creature has proven to the world that it can push 1141 times its own body size.  “We all come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Let’s just do the best we can for ourselves.”  Meditation is a fox: A creature known to have great wisdom and instinct. The symbol and characteristics of a guru to helping find your own personal path through life.  A fox practices patience, the silence of the mind in nature. It can sit in solitude and understand itself. What do we typically know about a fox? That its clever and a problem solver. Now you know why and how it is.

Pendulum is available in 14k gold upon special request.

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