Essential Oil Natural Crystal Jar – Tiger’s Eye: Abundance and Health


A necklace with mother nature’s crystals and gemstones. 100% natural stones also means- no two are exactly the same. They are design patented (not by me) with special inner aluminum vials that hold essential oils of your choice. Beautiful, natural crystals, and purposeful with the essential oil close by.  Each pendant has a solid 14k gold tag.

I found this alignment to be great! Anything incorporating beautiful and meaningful crystals is something I will have interest in and try to offer you. We love the concept of collaboration with essential oils/crystals.  You may use this as small perfume jar as well. 

Choose Your Crystal * 

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We have these available in the following crystals along with a word or two of my studies that best helps you choose which gemstone you feel is best for you. 

Please keep in mind that we have a back up glass jar and a dropper already as part of the kit. All you need to do is screw off the cap, using the dropper fill up the cute jar and just close that baby back up and use as needed. 

1- Sodalite: emotional balance

2- Grey Agate: Grounding

3- Black Obsidian: Shields negativity

4- Carnelian: Restores vitality 

5- Jade: Bring luck and abundance

6- Crystal Quartz: Amplifies energy 

7- Rhodanite: Bringing about self love

8- White Jade: Increase your energy of love 

9- Rose Quartz: Unconditional love

10- Yellow Jade: Feelings of warmth and joy

11- Amazonite: Reduces worries

12- Aventurine: Prosperity & creativity

13- Tiger’s Eye: Abundance and health

14- Howlite: Patience, Calmness

15- Green Fluorite: Brings about inner strength


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