Consulting Services with Crystal Healing


I offer 40 minutes of listening and understanding your current needs and wants. Discussing and asking questions for about another 20 minutes. I will then ship you a pouch with all the crystals I feel you need with a sheet that explains each crystal, where it was sourced from and why I chose it for you. 

Pouches include anywhere from 5-9 crystals. The exact quantity is dependent on each person. For kids I tend to have more; their self discovery is more vivid and intense. 

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Everyone is born with a hidden talent. Some go through life never realizing they had something special that others don’t; some spend years trying to figure out why they are not fully content with what they do in their daily lives.  Most are content with a hobby they find interesting.  There are many situational scenarios- that is our reality. Take time to yourself- for yourself, and find what inside of you is unique. Trust me- there is something great there. There always is!

I was very fortunate to have parents that realized early on that my interests and discussions were different then others my age. Something that has been visible enough to talk about with both sides of my family through generations. I have a gift to at times foresee things for all of us like an earthquake or other disruptions in the world, or things specific to people I know or just walk past. Either born with specific intuitive information possibly from a past life or given to me from those angels above us, or even simply from the vibration of Earth-  I knew things that would shock people. More bluntly, I’d scare people. Its not like how it is today in 2020. 1980s, did not handle things like this very well.  To be clear, I was able to see more positive than not, and connect messages or say certain things people needed to hear.  

Something I loved to do more than anything was to sit on the ground and hear the vibrations with my eyes closed. When my eyes are open- I feel I can see energy move.  Mother Earth has given us so much. Life, color, ecosystems, best of all-she gave us each other.  Crystals are like people. They all look slightly different and different in color and properties. They all have different but similar enough talents for us to recognize in one another and in them. I have read many many books on crystal properties, but my passion is a self challenge in having my eyes closed- feeling a crystal in my hand or against me and guessing its talent and properties. I very much enjoy doing this collaboration of understanding both people and crystals, then creating a Journey Pouch to self love, self acknowledgement, trust and the eagerness to a brighter future. There is a chemistry in-between crystals that I have noticed very few discuss. Not every crystal wants to work with another. You have to strategize on your “dream team” which is different for everyone. This is something I spend a lot of time on. 


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