Amethyst Personalized Numerology Charm – Peace of Mind


Availability: 18k Solid Gold in Yellow or Rose. The Stones are chosen specifically for its recognized energy and conductive powers. They are all raw and not treated; just cut to size.

Special patented design that can be worn in two different ways for everyone. This pendant is specifically designed for women and men to wear, collect, and gift as a keepsake. It can be worn around the neck or wrist, vertically or horizontally.

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Don’t Forget Your Chain

The charm links are all adjustable for adding charms, with a lobster clasp.

Necklace Suede

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There is plenty to be found and said about numerology and the multiple ways that people believe and interpret the spiritual symbolism of numbers.  The concept of numerology goes as far back to Ancient Egypt and Babylonian times. Just like astrology, others like and follow the power of numbers. It is believed that it was used over 1000 years ago by the Greeks, Romans, Japanese, Chinese. Today it is a practiced globally.  Depending on the method and inspiration you choose to follow each number from one to nine has spiritual meaning.  The initial step for most followers of numerology go based off what’s called “life path number”. This is always calculated to a single digit, unless you end up with an 11 or 22 depending on your birthday.  A belief in the mystical relationship between a number and events throughout ones life.  Then there is “soul number” which represents our true personalities. It explains your personal desires and personal direction to pursue.  

Numbers are personal and much like everything else in our lives, there is a connection to a digit that may come from a date that means something to you via a person you love, your birthday, a sibling, offspring, parents,… maybe even a  number that has come to you in a dream or has somehow become your lucky charm? With this collection, I wanted to make it simple and personal on all levels with no deeper questions asked. Choose the number that means something to you, pick your crystal and wear your charm in 18k YG or RG. It’s that simple, meaningful and beautiful. 


  • Any stone from the 7 to choose from
  • Letter – Any letter you want
  • 18K solid gold 1.3g in weight
  • 14k, 16″, weight 1.3g Chain, Yellow/Rose Gold
  • 14k, 18″, weight 1.4g Chain, Yellow/Rose Gold
  • 14k, 20″, weight 1.5g Chain, Yellow/Rose Gold
  • 14k Yellow/Rose Gold Link Chain Bracelet standard size 6.5″, weight 0.75g
  • Available as anklet
  • Genuine Leather in different colors, 1mm round, bracelet length 8.5″. Necklace length 34″
  • Waxed Cords in multiple colors, 1mm round, 8.5″

No two of the same stone will look the same in color intensity.

Available on Special Request: Diamond Cut, 14k, Yellow gold chain 6″-24″. Can be made to custom fit. Price available based on details.

Also available on Special Request:  Add a 14k Spring Clasp for an additional $40 to Leather or Cord Price. Otherwise all Leathers and Cords are made to tie.

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