Shungite can only be found in one part of the world. Congés sources shungite from the North East Edges of Lake Onega.

A stone LITERALLY like NO OTHER! It can boost your energy, relieve stress by major detoxification, heal, best of all- protect you from EMFs; and in return known to purify. What you just read are just a few properties that Shungite carries. There is more, a lot more.

It is the only mineral in the entire world that is known to contain fullereness. Fullereness is allotrope, a carbon that can have 2 or more physical shapes/forms in its original state, something super strange and unique.

Used for centuries for its “Great Powers,” Russian scientists have been studying this mineral for decades. It is just as of recent time gaining interest in the western world. Russians have used it as medicine, water filtration, agriculture, anti-aging.

It has antioxidants much like Vitamin C and A do. It fights against free radicals in the body. It helps detoxify your own system to a point of having the ability to possibly slow down the growth of cancer cells.

As far as properties like our beloved crystals: It is an extremely grounding stone that has properties for cellular repair, energizing energy, focus, easing anxiety, reducing inflammation, overall great for immune system and respiratory, EMF protection is unreal and how it will cut out headaches, and most of all- keeps your spiritual growth to continuously grow.

IS there any other stone that is more “healthy” or “healing” than this one? There is more. A lot more. We are only uncovering the basics of this 98-99% carbon.