a loose piece of chrysoprase


Chrysoprase is known to have been the favorite natural stone of Alexander the Great.  This beautiful gem is said to be a stone for compassion, growth forgiveness, and youthfulness, emotionally encouraging love and trust. Its great affects have been said to help with fertility, and to help release fear based emotions, clearing restlessness, and in turn, promoting hope and joy ©.


Amethyst is one of the most popular stones around the world. Its known to be an all purpose stone. Acknowledged to have calming properties, it helps purge additions and physically reduce swelling.  Promoting peace-of-mind, and may be used for protection and purification, the Amethyst stone was worn in history by royalty to signify power.

Mentioned already in our adult collection, Amethyst is known to be an all-purpose stone. Acknowledged for its calming properties, it has the ability to purify and transmute all forms of negativity. Amethyst is said to help children in the midst of a transition, such as parents going to work, a move, and even a death in the family. Amethyst has also shown to help with nightmares or insomnia ©.

a loose amethyst
An azurite crystal


Azurite is said to have been guiding souls to enlightenment since civilization began. Its blue color signifying heaven is believed to have healing powers that clear tension, stimulate intellect, and helping one practice trust, faith, respect and bringing back true aspirations in guiding through difficult times. This stone plays an important role in many different cultures such as he Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Native Americans ©.


Garnet(s) are known as a powerful stone of Attraction; when wearing this stone and making a wish, you attract your wish to come true. Garnet is considered useful for protection and known to be an amulet against hazardous accidents. In addition to being used for symbolizing protection, it also symbolizes truth, confidence, creativity, and sexuality.  By magnifying vibrations within, Garnet is acknowledged to help with metabolism and heart problems.  Encouraging optimism and confidence, its told to be crystal of consistency in affection and relationships ©.

A single garnet stone
A single rose quartz


Rose Quartz is often called the stone of “Unconditional Love.” Said to be a stone that helps stabilize emotions, dissolve confusion and assists in drawing harmony with oneself and others.  Promoting self-worth and attracting love, Rose Quartz is said to improve energy flow and circulation, allowing to see things objectively helping choose a more positive approach.

As mentioned in the adult collection, this is often called the stone of “Unconditional Love.” Said to attract love and self worth, drawing in harmony to oneself. Rose Quartz is also said to stabilize emotions with healing powers that purify and help dissolve confusion. A strong healing crystal for children because it has gentle and positive energy. Rose Quartz is a good choice for those children who commonly experience hurt feelings or aggressive tendencies. Rose Quartz is said to soothe uncontrolled emotional states of anxiety and/or fear. Said to be great stone to wear around a child’s neck ©.



Carnelian is said to be the natural stone of courage, vitality, and strength. With an influx of assertive will and detoxification, it motivates one to pursue goals while serving as an amulet to ward off misfortune and in-turn attract good luck.  Carnelians are said to make sure you are grateful for all you have.

Carnelian is the stone for courage and vitality. Popular for amulets throughout the Mediterranean region, it is said to have prevented misfortune and attracted good luck instead. Protecting you against envy, Carnelian helps with feelings of inadequacy. For kids, Carnelian is said to help the bond between parents and their children. It also helps you surface your creative side, and self belief. Carnelian helps you not live in the past, but instead look forward to the future. Recognized to have properties that help with muscle spasms and acne ©.

(Note: for these benefits, one must hold the stone over the area).

Carnelian stone
A single rough citrine


Citrine is known as the “Success Stone” typically associated with financial improvements. Citrine is said to promote mental focus and clarity. Helping provide comfort, it supports digestion and metabolism. Citrine is also said to stimulate optimism and decisiveness, assisting in the manifestation of your own reality.

Bringing comfort and optimism, Citrine is said to draw abundance with mental focus. Meaning, you can manifest your own reality, allowing you to live in the moment and make your young dreams possible. This self cleansing stone is learned to be useful for kids to build self-confidence and self-esteem ©.


Aquamarine has many mythical stories to its finding and meaning. Known as a traveling stone, it’s Spiritual vision and calming affects are said to inspire hope in your heart. When setting on a journey overseas, this stone is said to keep you safe. Soothing physical and emotional inflammation, Aquamarine is said to alleviate stress while enhancing clear communication with self and opening channels towards truth ©.

an aquamarine crystal
A single Rough Emerald crystal


Emerald is a rare and precious gemstone that even Shakespeare wrote about. Some believe this stone is a special representation of our green Earth. Symbolizing rebirth and abundance, it is believed to serve as a spiritual compass and stimulator of metaphysical abilities. Emerald is also said to promote love and compassion, and support the heart while helping stay centered in the heart’s wisdom. A sacred stone for hope, love, faith and wisdom ©.

A precious gemstone that is believed to represent our green earth. Emerald is said to promote unconditional love and friendships in a harmonious way. Catering to kids, it has been discovered to motivate children to excel academically, have better concentration, and better memory. Emerald is also recognized to calm upset emotions. A sacred stone for hope, love, faith and wisdom ©!


Tourmaline is the “green life giving” natural stone and said to carry an energy that can harmonize with that of the heart. Known to enhance vitality and stamina, Tourmaline is deemed to be conductive for those involved in rigorous activities and said to help strike a dynamic balance within oneself while embracing the physical world. Green Tourmaline is said to attract luck and increase opportunities ©.

two pieces of loose tourmaline
a loose aventurine crystal


A stone known to help build confidence. Aventurine is said to bring good fortune and manifestation of prosperity. Primarily recognized as a stone for optimism and “good luck”. In the ancient world, this was the stone of abundance. Aventurine motivates you toward your creative goals and future plans helping instill leadership abilities. Aventurine is said to also support healing and circulation, working as an anti-inflammatory. An amazing thing to point out is how this stone helps you disconnect from the things that sap your power like cell phone emission. It’s a great stone for kids ©.



Historically, Hematite has been considered a stone to rebuild and start anew. Hematite has properties in rebuilding red blood cells, aiding in absorption of iron, and regulating your kidney. Polished, this stone is a radiating silver color. For children, it is said to help overcome timidness and bring out one’s charisma. There are connections between Hematite and sleep; said to help one feel safe and comfortable so one’s body tissues get to relax and sleep more comfortably ©.

a loose hematite crystal
A single lapis stone


The stone for royalty and spirituality is known to bring you a clearer and higher intuition. Lapis to this day is used to stimulate your immune system and is a great stone to stabilize children that display psychic gifts early in life. Lapis helps instill self-acceptance of one’s given gifts and encourages openness of one’s spiritual awareness. Lapis has also been used as a pain reliever. An overall fantastic stone to have on you ©.


Referred to as the “Wisdom Stone”, Milky Quartz has calming and soothing properties that compare to “maternal love”. Quartz in general is the second most common mineral on earth and can conduct electricity under pressure. With its ancient angelic wisdom, it holds and releases information; and it’s because of this that you may notice your Milky Quartz become clearer in color at times. With its recognized magical powers, it promotes clarity in thought and raising awareness. A favored stone for children ©.

A single loose milky quartz crystal
A loose smoky quartz crystal


A stone referenced for its magnificent quality of absorbing any and all negative energy that may be around you. It is also recognized for helping one’s ideas and dreams become reality. Said to be beneficial mentally in enhancing survival instinct, and helps prioritize needs and wants through wisdom. Smoky Quartz is considered a serenity stone, releasing depression and fear. Also a great stone for kids because it absorbs electromagnetic smog ©.



A stone that inspires one to act out of truth and compassion. Helping you reach your wholeness and deepest wisdom, it is said to balance peace. This stone played a symbolic role in several countries and continents from the ancient times. Considered “to bring cheerfulness of the soul”, turquoise will absorb harm from the person who wears it. A stone also referred to as “fallen sky stone”, it is said to allow children to relax and let go, having the ability to ask for help when needed. Turquoise has many descriptions about its mystical energies from all the different cultures and nationalities. These are just a few that we compiled that all have in common ©.

A loose turquoise crystal
A black tourmaline stone


Is a stone stone with a high amount of iron content. It’s legend is to be a strong amulet, bouncing the negative energy and shielding your surrounding. Conducting energy with heat, along with other added benefits, it naturally helps protect you from electromagnetic stress and said to harmonize the brain. Studied to help activate your immune system so intensely, that this stone was even used to help heal scars faster when placed on a wound. Use Black Tourmaline to dispel yourself of any self judgement, worry, anger, or any other toxic emotion ©.


Is our earthy and deeply focused stone with many different incredibly strong properties. There are many ancient stories on how Malachites were found and utilized. Known to help against demons and evil eye, it was also used by nursing mothers for the protection of children. Do to the copper levels, malachite really helps with arthritis. Historically used for its antibacterial affects, it was used to help with wounds. I remember my grandmother telling me that they used Malachite paste mixed with honey as a natural form of antibiotic. For women, the benefits of this stone surpass many. Malachite is said to help with cramping and childbirth along with any physiological discomfort ©.

A single loose Malachite crystal
A single loose Morganite crystal


Is also referred to as the stone for “Divine love”. Allowing compassionate healing of old wounds and sadness. Deep love Does exist! This stone helps you find it and see it. Cleansing yourself of past sorrow you can find your strength and personal confidence. Forgiveness is key to the process. Morganite helps you overcome the discomfort of forgiveness, which in turn helps the process of reaching and finding divine love. Morganite is also recognized in aiding with vertigo and helps reawaken your cells. Turn your sadness into a graceful power ©.


Is an ancient amulet used by Roman soldiers. In Chinese medicine it is used to provide balance between the yin and yang energies. Known for its many diverse and helpful properties this stone is said to bring good fortune. Providing clarity to your intentions the tiger’s eye helps one recognize personal abilities and self worth. This stone was known to help with eye diseases as well as aid In better night vision. Being a stone that holds sun energy, it is also said to help with depression. Creating harmony, getting sociable and balancing emotions are just a start to enhancing your vitality. A great stone for all ages and both genders ©.

A loose tiger's eye crystal