Congés Icons accentuate the beauty of perspective through the energy of nature and the power of thoughts. Striking a chord of personal well-being and evoking a sensation of being one and true to yourself, Congés encourages you to identify your story, select your design and believe in the power.

Each Congés Icon helps capture and channel welcomed energy with a highly-curated collection of stones. After decades of interest and research, Congés Founder and Designer Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna has unified these stones based on synergy. With respect for all materials, Congés only sources stones from suppliers who share a genuine love for nature. Acquired and handpicked from their place of origin, ranging from Australia and Brazil, to Madagascar and Uruguay, these crystals should be appreciated for their unique beauty and value.

Inspired by the journey of connection, these Congés Icons will aid a healthy state of mind on a daily basis, as captured by Jasmine’s unique perspective:


I have collected and connected with stones since my early childhood, and now I’m fortunate enough to call it my WORK.

Leadership, Discipline, Motivation, Advancement, Self-Belief, Creativity

Whether at an office or working from home, one should carry a form of creativity for enjoyment, self-belief for advancement and a sense of leadership to inspire others.

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As a mother, for me HOSPITAL represents labor and life. While I know that is not always the case, the essentials of need are the same.

Strength Booster, Surrounding Love, Optimism, Purification, Transition

As a patient or a visitor, one needs to keep oneself emotionally and physically strong, and all surroundings filled with love and optimism to support transition.

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For a year, I spent over two hours in the CAR commuting to work. To ensure that the traffic didn’t get the best of me, my father would send a motivational quote via text, which always put a smile on my face and made me laugh upon arrival.

Direction, Alertness, Protection

For a protected road trip or a short ride, the driver and its passengers should be aware of their surroundings, have a sense of direction and limit distractions.

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HOME is where I feel most centered and in my element.

Harmony, Positivity, Stability, Protection

Home should be a base of comfort where one and one’s family feel safe, experiencing harmony, positivity and stability.

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During my twenties, I began boarding AIRPLANEs with a yellow jasper in tote, which always put me at ease.

Safeguard, Relief, Courage

For a sense of security, carry-on a mental suitcase packed with relief and courage.

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While my friends may have poked fun at me for smudging our HOTEL room with Sage or Armenian Church incense, they never travel without it now.

Detoxification, Safety, Purification

Since travel can take its own toll, natural detoxification and purification will help a hotel room feel a little more like home.

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If my DOG, Buster, wasn’t huge—Armenian and German Shepherd Mix—I would have taken him everywhere with me.

Loyalty, Communication, Vitality, Protection

For love, safety and vitality, continue to build the bond with the one that barks with renewed loyalty and continuous understanding.

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When in a bad mood, my CAT, JuJu, would take the selenite off the nightstand and bring it to me.

Immune Booster, Tranquil, Safe-Haven, Connection

Strengthen the connection and provide a purr-worthy environment with feelings of tranquility and immunity.

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