A piece that will become a part of you, the Signature Fine Jewelry Collection harnesses a metaphysical energy that amplifies courage, self-betterment, open-mindedness, love, balance, calmness and ease, forgiveness, vitality and more from mother nature. As Penna learned on the hikes with her family, if you are one and true to yourself, then nature will treat you the same.

Our Signature collection is made in 18k Gold. Available in Yellow or Rose gold; and White upon special request.
The Stones are chosen specifically for its recognized energy and conductive powers. They are all raw and not treated; just cut to size.

All of our natural stones & crystals are derived from one unified source – Mother Earth. Each stone has a unique background, color and story. Just like us not one stone is exactly the same and can not be replicated. Natural stones are known to have a magical connection with human beings. We believe that these stones are really considered magical only because they can enhance the magic that already exists within. CONGÉS™ brings the concept to life by bringing you our line of fine, unique & one-of-a-kind jewelry. Read on to learn more about which gem is right for you & your receiver – A special gift for all, from anywhere.

Special patented design that can be worn in two different ways for everyone. This pendant is specifically designed
for women and men to wear, collect, and gift as a keepsake. It can be worn around the neck, wrist, or as an anklet, vertically or horizontally.