Inspired by the bond between Penna and her son, the Personalized Fine Jewelry Signature Collection is a keepsake that will further drive the connection between two individuals on a metaphysical level. Meant to remind the one wearing the piece that they are and should always feel safe, lucky, and loved.

Signature Collection presents the personalized Kids line where the stones are chosen to cater primarily for children. After doing extensive research on stones and their conductivity based on the most common needs and difficulties that children face, I compiled and narrowed down to these 11 stones. I look forward to expanding the collection in the future. As our kids grow, our challenges change and so do theirs. Respecting and appreciating what mother nature supplies us, let’s utilize and work with what we have. With Congés you can have it looking good and feeling good. Identify your story, select your design, and feel the power.

Introducing the Mommy and Me, Daddy and Child collection. A personalized barrel with an initial and a stone that caters to you. Can be worn in many ways, including around the neck, wrist, or as an anklet. All of our natural stones & crystals are derived from one unified source – Mother Earth. Each stone has a unique background, color and story.Just like us not one stone is exactly the same and can not be replicated. Natural stones are known to have a magical connection with human beings. We believe that these stones are really considered magical only because they can enhance the magic that already exists within. Here are specific stones catered to the most common needs for children.

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