Whether located behind your neck, in the palm of your hand or in between your two eyes, the Third Eye Collection is an extension of your intuition and insight. Designed to help you trust your inner intelligence, the white diamonds signify clarity, the colored center stone represents vitality and personality, and the black diamond lashes show the balance within yourself and nature.

It’s a different interpretation of the evil eye. It’s a belief that your third eye exists. Some cultures believe it’s located behind your neck, some believe it’s in the center of your palm…but most believe its in-between your two eyes. Regardless, you can’t see it. But I feel it sees everything! It’s an extension of your intuition, insight, gut feeling, and inner intelligence. That’s why I designed the eye closed and not open. It’s symbolic because you need to trust yourself. Really following your intuition.

I’m just learning and starting to trust myself. When my son was born, he didn’t open his eyes for the first 6 weeks. I was fascinated on how he found my breast and from touch knew when it was me or someone else holding him. That really inspired me. I know there is a medical explanation to this. But it was the starting point to my “inner eye” fascination. So now I am working on a collection with this design and utilizing different stones to signify and accentuate the desired feeling. It’s the “eye/I see you with— “strength”, “courage”, “love”, “purity”, and so on. An eye that has the clarity of white diamonds, the center to show color, vitality, personality, and the black lashes to complete the balance within yourself and nature.

Special patented design that can be worn in different ways for everyone.