Dream Catcher and Native American Jewelry Collection

To avoid interfering with the harmony in nature, the web of the gold dream catcher is meant to bring about wisdom by filtering good ideas and trapping the bad. The Dream Catcher and Native American Jewelry Collection captures Penna’s connection with the great outdoors and belief that everything comes full circle.

Dream Catcher- Native Americans, with their many tribes, have a mysterious and mystical energy that is so engulfing and fascinating to learn more about. In their universal culture there are so many symbols. Although every culture has ancient symbols and forms of communication, Native Americans, I feel, are exceptionally in tune with nature and the voice of mother nature.

I have read contradictory information pertaining to their overall spiritual beliefs. I have read that they were deep rooted with nature and soil, and I have also read that they don’t have strong spiritual beliefs and are not very religious minded. With their history richly filled with invasions, fatal diseases, wars and genocides; it’s hard to follow and understand what this culture, regardless of tribe, could have truly developed into. Indigenous people from around the world do share the belief that water is sacred. Dream Catchers also have a deep significance, originally meant to teach natural wisdom, woven by grandparents and hung above a newborns bed for peaceful and happy beautiful dreams. Every aspect of the design down to the movement means something. It was believed that bad dreams can’t find their way through the web, getting caught and trapped until they evaporate with the morning dew, whereas the good dreams easily pass through. Every detail in the Dream Catchers had intent. Dream Catchers have been a part of the Native American culture for generations. The hoop symbolized strength and unity.

Native American – Also referred to as Indigenous People, who belong to different tribes and different ethnic groups. Native American perception typically insists that all things are somehow connected. Certain Native tribes recognized a third gender separate from female and male. It’s one whose body had both masculine and feminine spirits simultaneously. They are “two-spirited”. They are treated with respect and often considered sacred. Also, historically, male and female roles have been considered equal; Something you don’t typically read about among the ancient cultures. History books say that Native Americans have been living on the American continent since 12,000 B.C.


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