Influenced by family heritage, the Scarab & Ancient Egypt Fine Jewelry Collection is believed to be a self-generated creature that forever symbolizes change, transformation, self-betterment, royal achievements and immortality.

The Ancient Egyptians believed the scarab was a magical creature believed to imbue particular protective powers that warded off evil and provided good fortune for the owner in this life. The winged scarab was more particular to providing protective powers for one’s safe journey.

Symbols of the scarab were well known for their powers, which were adopted by many different cultures and religions. Buddhism, Taoism, Old Europe, India, Iran and the Roman empire are examples of just a few. There are many stories and extensions to scarabs and their special qualities throughout ancient history. To date, thousands upon thousands of relics bearing the symbol have been found in Egypt alone. Most often, they have been engraved with a beneficial inscription, which enhances their auspicious power.

Jewelry with scarabs, no matter what their category, represented magical properties and were sacred emblems of Egyptian religious beliefs. In the Greco-Roman period, scarabs were sanctified by elaborate sacred rituals known as the “Ceremony of the Beetle.”