Hieroglyphics Locket


14k solid yellow gold, Marqué Hieroglyphic locket. Framed with genuine conflict-free white diamonds. Embellished with four hieroglyphics symbolizing beauty, trust, freedom, and good fortune.

Lockets symbolize love: love of a romantic nature, familial love, and even love of a pet. The locket is more than just a memory. A locket can be a beautiful, nostalgic piece of jewelry, but also holds mystery. It is the story on the inside of the locket that holds meaning and will forever connect you with your love. There is a sentimental meaning behind our cherished Marqué Locket. The locket is inspired by life and love for another.

The lockets’ design stems from the ancient Egyptian Pyramid, known for its mysticism and symbolism. There are many different theories of how and why they were built and also why they were built in this shape. They remain one of the biggest mysteries and wonders of this world. It is believed by some that the symbol of the pyramid represents human development, and just like the pyramids need all of their building blocks in place in order to be complete and whole, we humans need the same. On a spiritual level, the Marqué Locket represents new life and integration of the self and the soul. 

Life is about possibilities and believing in them.

For your consideration:

All of our gemstones are hand chosen and may vary slightly in color, cut, texture, shade, and tone. Each piece is made to order with love and intent, please allow up to two weeks for fulfillment before shipping.

  • 14 Karat Solid Reclaimed Gold
  • Genuine Conflict-Free Diamonds
  • Hand-Chosen Gemstones
  • 77 White Diamonds
  • 23” Adjustable Chain Lobster Clasp
  • Burnished Center Stone
  • Planished and Satin Finishes
  • Opens Bottom Up

The locket is embellished with the meaningful icons of the Third Eye, the Feather, the Hamsa Hand, and the Pomegranate. 

The Third-Eye is also seen in the Third Eye Collection. It doesn’t just serve as the protective evil eye, warding off negative energies, but also represents the belief that you need to trust your instinct. You cannot see your inner eye, but it sees everything. Trust Yourself.

The Feather represents eternal living and symbolizes a visitation from the deceased. Like a traditional locket, this piece is meant to hold a photo of a beloved family member or friend. The feather shines light on them as they eternally live on in spirit. It is a sign they are watching over you. Feel Free and Protected.

The Hamsa Hand is a symbol of protection for many faiths and cultures. It is a symbol of hope and positivity and will bring its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. It unites the good and dispels the bad while bringing about positive energy. Feel Positive and Fortunate.

The Pomegranate represents life's riches. It is considered to be the Earth’s Goddess and represents the harvest, fertility, cultivation of new life, abundance, and fruitfulness. Life is Beautiful and Vivacious.

Each Congés Life jewelry piece is handcrafted with love at the time of purchase. The process takes around two weeks to complete from our Los Angeles center. Your items are then hand packaged with care and sent out for delivery. We chose this process to ensure the highest quality and personalized intentions for you and your piece. 

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