Hieroglyphics Self Empowerment Coin Charm + White Diamond

Color: Yellow Gold

The two-sided, solid 14-karat yellow or rose gold coin charm features a “medicine wheel” which contains four distinctive images centered around a white diamond. An acorn, a heart, a music note, and a ladybug.

For thousands of years, coins have been used as currency and represent power and wealth. To many, coins are collected and kept close to the heart. Some even have a “lucky coin” they keep with them always. The Marqué Collection Coin holds a special currency of the power of the divine universe and beauty. 

Like a respected medicine wheel, one side represents four quadrants of importance, while the other side encompasses gratitude for all that you have learned along your own journey. This coin can be worn as a physical reminder for self-empowerment and growth.

The Acorn symbolizes survival, courage, strength, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

The Heart pays homage to the love each living thing requires to grow and thrive.

The Music Note recognizes the universal language of melody and song.

The Ladybug evokes the spiritual elements of luck and abundance, while reminding the wearer to live free of fear and full of joy.

Emblazoned on the back of the coin is the simple French phrase, “+ aujourd’hui - qu’hier,” which translates into, “more today than yesterday.” It is a reminder that the wisdom and gratitude gained in life’s day-to-day journey should always be appreciated, no matter the obstacles.

For your consideration:

All of our gemstones are hand chosen and may vary slightly in color, cut, texture, shade, and tone. Each piece is made to order with love and intent, please allow up to two weeks for fulfillment before shipping.

  • 14 Carat Solid Reclaimed Gold
  • Genuine Conflict-Free Gemstones
  • Hand-Chosen Gemstones
  • 3/4” Charm in Diameter
  • Grooved Perimeter

Among ancient Greeks and Egyptians diamonds were considered the king of gems. They believed they give one the power to create their own future. Diamonds are said to help develop one's aura and in turn develop new skills. As the hardest gemstone available, diamonds are thought to symbolize eternity, purity, and love. In modern times it is said to symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Diamond is the modern and traditional birthstone for the month of April and is used to celebrate engagements as well as the 10th and 60th anniversary of weddings.

Each Congés Life jewelry piece is handcrafted with love at the time of purchase. The process takes around two weeks to complete from our Los Angeles center. Your items are then hand packaged with care and sent out for delivery. We chose this process to ensure the highest quality and personalized intentions for you and your piece. 

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