"Process of Curation: Sustainability"

Congés is a fine jewelry collection that accentuates the beauty of perspective through the energy of nature and power of thoughts. Striking a chord of personal well-being and evoking a sensation of being one and true to yourself, Congés encourages you to identify your story, select your design and believe in the power.

Handcrafted Fine Jewelry that is sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Congés Jewelry is made in the heart of Los Angeles with the highest attention to quality and detail. With respect for all materials, Congés only sources its precious metals, jewels and stones from those who have a genuine love for what they do. Primarily never treated, Congés crystals should be appreciated for their unique beauty and value.

Inspired by the spirituality of ancient cultures, Congés Designer Jasmine Penna pays homage to heritage through her designs.